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The toolbar is located on the upper portion of the screen on almost every page on the SGN site and provides an easy way to navigate the site. The toolbar consists of the SGN logo and a row of links that link to the main portions of the site. When the mouse passes over a link, a pull down menu is displayed (assuming you have JavaScript turned on). You can either click the main link or scroll down the menu to choose a menu item. If you are having problems with the toolbar, you may want to bookmark this page, and use it instead.

search - Search our database.
  • Organisms - search for organisms
  • Genes - Gene search.
  • Genome features - Search for many types of annotations and sequences.
  • Phenotypes - Search for mutants, accessions, and traits.
  • QTLs - A web interface for uploading QTL raw data, on-the-fly QTL mapping and search interface for QTLs.
  • Unigenes - Unigene search.
  • Gene Families - Unigene family search.
  • Markers - Marker search.
  • BACs - BAC (Bacterial Artificial Chromosome) search.
  • ESTs and libraries - Find EST (Expressed Sequence Tag) libraries by keyword, e.g. library name, organism, tissue, development stage, or authors.
  • Insitu database - A database of in-situ images which can be updated by users, with image add, delete and annotation editing functions. The current images were generated by the floral genome project (FGP). For more information on the floral genome project, visit and
  • Images - Search images contained in the SGN database.
  • Expression - Search images contained in the SGN database.
  • People - Search database of researchers who use SGN.
  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions from users of SGN.
maps - View and compare chromosomes from various organisms.
  • Tomato-EXPEN 2000 - A combined genetic and physical map, showing the association of BACs (Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes) and BAC-Contigs to this genetic map.
  • Tomato-Kazusa/SolCAP -
  • Tomato QTLs -
  • Tomato physical map - This map is extracted from the S. lycopersicum LA925 x S. pennellii LA716 type F2.2000 genetic map.
  • Tomato FPC contig map - This map shows the positions of the Sanger HindIII/MboI FPC contigs relative to the the S. lycopersicum LA925 x S. pennellii LA716 type F2.2000 genetic map.
  • Tomato IL map - This map shows the locations of the introgressed fragments of S. pennellii in the S. lycopersicum genome, tied to the 1992 map.
  • Tomato FISH map - Map of FISH (Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization) data.
  • Tomato AGP map - The Accessioned Golden Path (AGP) map for the tomato genome.
  • Pepper COSII map - COSII map
  • Pepper-AC99 - This map is based on 100 individuals from an inter-specific F2 population of Capsicum. annuum cv. NuMex RNaky and Capsicum chinense var PI159234. 426 molecular markers, including 359 SSR markers 3 specific PCR markers and 68 RFLP markers were used to construct this linkage map, with a total length of 1304.8 cM.
  • Pepper-FA03 - This map is based on 100 individuals from an inter-specific F2 population of Capsicum. annuum cv. NuMex RNaky and Capsicum frutescens BG 2814-6. 728 molecular markers, including 489 SSR markers 195 AFLP, 8 specific PCR markers and 36 RFLP were used to construct this linkage map, with a total length of 1358.7 cM.
  • Potato-TXB 1992 - This is a map based on a S. tuberosum x S. berthaultii BC S. tuberosum population reported in Tanksley et al (1992).
  • Eggplant COSII map - COSII map
  • Eggplant-LXM 2002 - This map is based on 58 F2 plants from an interspecific cross between S. linnaeanum (MM195) and S. melongena (MM738) and contains 233 RFLP markers.
  • Tobacco SSR 2007 - Nicotiana tabacum
  • Arabidopsis COSII - Arabidopsis thaliana sequenced-based COSII map.
  • Comparative viewer... - Compare chromosomes from different maps, side by side.
  • See all available maps... - All chromosome maps that are available on SGN.
genomes - Read about sequencing projects.
  • Reference genomes -
  • Tomato - The tomato genome has been sequenced by an international consortium.
  • Solanum pennellii - Wild tomato genome
  • Potato -
  • Pepper -
  • Draft genomes -
  • Solanum pimpinellifolium - Draft genome sequence of tomato's closest wild relative.
  • Nicotiana benthamiana - Draft sequence for Nicotiana benthamiana, sequenced by labs at the Boyce Thompson Institute
  • Nicotiana tabacum & related - Draft sequence for Nicotiana tabacum accessions K326, BX, and TN90. Parental genomes Nicotiana sylvestris and Nicotiana tomentosiformis.
  • Resequencing projects -
  • Solanum lycopersicum inbreds - Resequencing projects of tomato inbred lines
  • 150 Tomato Genome Resequencing Project - Resequencing project by the University of Wageningen
  • BGI Tomato 360 genomes - Resequencing project of 360 tomato varieties by BGI
  • Projects -
  • Solanaceae project (SOL) - Over the coming decade the International Solanaceae Genome Project (SOL) will create a coordianted network of knowledge about the Solanaceae family aimed at answering two of the most important questions about life and agriculture: How can a common set of genes/proteins give rise to such a wide range of morphologically and ecologically distinct organisms that occupy our planet? How can a deeper understanding of the genetic basis of diversity be harnessed to better meet the needs of society in an environmentally-friendly way? On this page, you will find more information about the strategy that will be used to answer these questions.
  • SOL-100 Project - The SOL community aims to create a common Solanaceae-based genomic framework that includes sequences and phenotypes of 100 genomes encompassing the phylogenetic diversity of the group.
  • International Tomato Sequencing Project - The gene-rich euchromatic portion of the tomato genome is being sequenced by an international consortium. This page gives more information about the progress of the sequencing effort.
  • U.S. tomato sequencing project - An overview of the US Tomato Sequencing Project
  • Nicotiana benthamiana BTI site - BTI project for the Nicotiana benthamiana Draft sequence
tools - Tools for biologists.