The digital ecosystem for breeding

What is Breedbase?

Breedbase is a comprehensive breeding management and analysis software. It can be used to design field layouts, collect phenotypic information using tablets, support the collection of genotyping samples in a field, store large amounts of high density genotypic information, and provide Genomic Selection related analyses and predictions. Breedbase supports the BrAPI standard.

How can I use Breedbase?

Breedbase is a web application that only requires a browser. To get your Breedbase instance, contact the Breedbase development team.

What crops are using Breedbase?

There are a number of instances running for diverse crops, including Cassava (, sweet potato (, banana (, rice (, tomato and other Solanaceae ( and many others.

How can I learn more about Breedbase?

You can watch the Breedbase workshops on Youtube, covering topics such as ontologies, trial design, data collection using fieldbook, data analysis, and genomic selection. For more detailed information, check out the recent Breedbase publication.