What is Breedbase?

Breedbase is the "Digital Ecosystem" for breeding.
Breedbase is a comprehensive breeding management and analysis software. It can be used to design field layouts, collect phenotypic information using tablets, support the collection of genotyping samples in a field, store large amounts of high density genotypic information, and provide Genomic Selection related analyses and predictions. Breedbase supports the BrAPI standard.

How can I use Breedbase?

Breedbase is a web application that only requires a browser. To get your Breedbase instance, contact the Breedbase development team.

What crops are using Breedbase?

There are a number of instances running for diverse crops, including Cassava (https://cassavabase.org), sweet potato (https://sweetpotatobase.org), banana (https://musabase.org), rice (https://ricebase.org), tomato and other Solanaceae (https://solgenomics.net/) and many others.

How can I learn more about Breedbase?

You can watch the Breedbase workshops on Youtube, covering topics such as ontologies, trial design, data collection using fieldbook, data analysis, and genomic selection.