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Quick Search Help

The quick search functionality is part of the toolbar on top of almost every SGN web page. To use it, simply enter a search term in the text input box and click on the quick search button. The search can take a while depending on the actual word you search. Specifically, words that appear in many of the blast annotations, such 'Arabidopsis', will increase search time.

Quick search performs a series of searches in the database and displays a summary page of the matches. For each of the searches, a line is displayed with information how many entities were matched in the database.

If entities were found in the database, a link is provided to complete the actual search. Click on that link to see the search results.

The individual quick searches do the following:

Identifier searches
Identifier searches perform exact match searches on clone, est, unigene and marker identifiers in the database

Annotation searches
The annotation searches search the manual and automatic annotation that are available for unigenes. They report the number of annotations and the number of corresponding unigenes that were found. If there are more than 5000 annotation matches, the number of unigenes is not reported to save on querying time.

People search
Searches the last name as a sub-string match in the SGN People Directory.

Library search
Searches the libraries on name, tissue, development stage, authors, and other fields as a substring search.

SGN Pages search
Performs a Google search on the domain. Please note that when we re-arrange pages on the SGN site, it may take Google a number of days to re-index the site, so sometimes the pages you find with this search will not be valid. However, we will try to keep site rearrangements to a minimum.

Pages on the entire web
Performs a Google search without the domain constraint. Searches the entire web.