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surveillance software

To begging with, the first impression that the site give to people is that is an old site for the style that it use, so it did not give a good impression at first. But then when you continue reading it seem that the sofware that it provide it is usefull. Also you can test that software by your sefl by dowloading a demo. Apart from de money that cost to get it, that it is too much from my oppinion, It a great idea and if the right costumer clicks on the site, I am pretty sure that they will buy the sofware, of course after testing the demo by themself. If I wolud be incharge of the site I would change the style that it use, and the prices of the software also, I would reduce it. But camera surveillance software it is a great idea, so as I say before; with the right costumer it should not have problem to sell them.

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